Share and discover reputations and credibility of people around the world.

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  • Privately - Leave a private feedback that only A Leak Love can see
  • Publicly - Build yours and A Leak Love's reputation by leaving a public opinion
  • View your own feedback (anonymous kreds)
  • Hide or show public topics of your StreetKred profile (public kreds)
  • Receive email alerts when people leave you kreds
  • Block from public StreetKred any kreds you don't agree with.

Simple and Always Free

What is a StreetKred?

StreetKred is your reputation and credibility. At StreetKred we enable you to show the rest of the world how much respect and credibility you have no matter where you are. With StreetKred your identity, reputation, and credibility travels with you from one place to another. You no longer have to worry about starting from scratch to build up your reputation.

What is a "Kred"?

A kred is a short phrase - like a tweet - that describes a person's quality, character, skill or anything else. Once a person has received a number of kreds from different people, a holistic picture of common traits in kreds is emerging and becomes visible. We call it a "360" degree profile of a person that contains skills, talents, experiences, or really -anything else this person is associated with to other people

What about my privacy?

We are serious about your right to privacy. Your privacy is our single top priority that guides anything we do at StreetKred. If you don't want to share a topic, or even individual kreds that you received you can block them from others to see. It's that simple. Share only what and when you are comfortable.

Why facebook login only?

We take your kreds and your reputation seriously, so the accountability is a must for every public comment - hence we rely on your facebook identity and reserve all rights to remove fake profiles and kreds. No defamation or anonymous bashing is tolerated.

Anybody can post ANYTHING about anybody?

Yes, but there are no anonymous kreds. Before posting people should realize that they should be willing to stand by anything they post, as it becomes part of their "given" StreetKred. Also, people have ability to control entire topics and even block individual kreds.

Why would I leave kreds?

You don't have too. Do it only when people really deserve to receive a kred. We (founders) have felt the need for such cases: to be able to recognize people who deserve to stand out. It could be the other way around too: some people think that they can get away with treating others unfairly or abusing trust and credibility others put in them, we believe that this site will make them think twice about that :)

Why would I want to receive kreds?

Why not if it helps you to stand out? It will show all sides that you are really good at and how you are unique in your personality, skills, and abilities. With streetkred, for the first time you can take your local "street cred" globally, while still in control of what topics you would like to share and with who.

Any other reasons for StreetKred?

There are plenty, but it all comes down to enabling you to discover and trust other people as well as stand out with your own unique identity and reputation with a big emphasis on privacy which we know you care about, so that you can fully enjoy the benefits minimizing any drawbacks. Check out Rachel Botswan's TED's talk The currency of the new economy is trust for more details on how StreetKred can help you, we certainly couldn't have said it better.